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We are always looking for dedicated volunteers. If you can offer assistance in any of the areas below and would like to volunteer, please follow the link below, complete, and submit the form.

Father John's needs volunteers, stop by Lafayette to walk a dog or play with some cats
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Animal Tales

A Comeback Story!

Grace O'Mally

Grace came to the shelter as a stray found by concerned community members. When they saw the condition she was in, they knew they had to get her help. They found their way to Father John's front door. Grace was met by our team and it was clear that she was in dire need of medical attention. Her fur was so matted that it had created open sores in her skin that maggots were calling home. She was lethargic, hungry, and had obviously been through a lot. 

Grace was excited for her new haircut and diet. She not only required ongoing medical care but behavioral rehabilitation as well. Our wonderful volunteers spent countless hours getting to know her emotional, mental and behavioral needs. Through diet and exercise we got Grace into diabetic remission and feeling great. We were so happy to give Grace a second leaf on life and find love and happiness. Our continued thoughts are with her across the rainbow bridge. We will miss you! 

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