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We are always looking for dedicated volunteers. If you can offer assistance in any of the areas below and would like to volunteer, please follow the link below, complete, and submit the form.

Father John's needs volunteers, stop by Lafayette to walk a dog or play with some cats
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Our COVID-19 Update

As we have had to move to an "appointment only" system, we want to assure everyone that our beautiful, loving, animals residing in the shelter are being very well cared for. We have in no way jeopardized our quality of care, and if anything, they are getting more 1-on-1 attention than ever before! 

We appreciate all of the support we have gotten throughout these uncertain times. The amount of dedication and commitment our staff, volunteers, trustees, and members have shown displays the foundation Father John's Animal House was built on. 

As well as caring for the animals, we will continue to be here to so adoptions, answer phones and respond to our community who needs us. 

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Hang in there, and as a community, we will get through this! 

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