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We are always looking for dedicated volunteers. If you can offer assistance in any of the areas below and would like to volunteer, please follow the link below, complete, and submit the form.

Father John's needs volunteers, stop by Lafayette to walk a dog or play with some cats
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Animal Tales

Sandy and Squeaky

Each and every animal that comes through our doors has a story to tell. These two unforgettable girls, Sandy and Squeaky, are in need of a brighter future. Their owner had fallen on hard times and could not care for them. They came to us matted, flea infested, and in need of serious medical attention. Going through the motions we have given these girls a much needed make-over, some x-rays, and a lot of love and attention. Now, more beautiful and healthy than ever we have one last step to take. Find them their new family. Help us spread the word about Sandy and Squeaky. Let’s be their voice.

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