Spay & Neuter Clinic Options

We seek to be a resource of information and service for the community to encourage responsible and committed pet ownership. Part of this is promoting and facilitating the public spay/neuter procedures to reduce the over-population and suffering of unwanted or homeless animals.

You can get your pet fixed in 3 simple steps!

1.) Call Father John's and 973-300-5909 and ask about signing up for a spay/neuter day. 

2.) Schedule a date that will be most convenient for you to drop your pet off at 7:15AM and pick up in the evening (timing of pick-up varies based on the clinic's schedule). 

3.) Submit payment either over the phone or online by clicking HERE and designating this is for Spay/Neuter. 

Our program is designed to help make getting your pet fixed convenient and affordable.

Together, we will battle pet over-population! 

Father John's Animal House strongly believes in the spaying and neutering of pets. There are so many benefits to the procedure, the big one being it helps reduce the population of unwanted and homeless pets! Please check out this link to learn more about the benefits.